We're happy to work with a team that shares our company's strategic mindset, love for creativity, core values, and passion for charity work. Our goal is to develop an ecosystem where our team and clients aren't reluctant to step out on the edge of greatness and take estimated risks to achieve the things they may have thought weren't possible. These are the two main features that you'll find represented throughout every part of our business.

  • Junior Event Fundraiser
  • Senior Event Fundraiser
  • Senior Team Manager
  • Charity Regional Director

As a Junior Event Fundraiser, you will improve individuals' and groups' participation by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities from various sources. You'll need to network since success in the role depends massively on forming positive relationships with supporters. Another area of your part will be to increase awareness of the charity's work, aims and goals. The selected applicant will work closely with the Fundraising and Development Manager. An individual in this position would be a part of the event setup and be responsible for its teardown.

Salary Range: $500/week

At Changing Lives Worldwide, we are looking for a talented and skilled Senior Events Fundraiser who wants to join an established charity's fundraising team. This is a fantastic event for somebody who wishes to diversify their job roles to include management and development of an events program, including special events and fundraising programs. To succeed as a Senior Event Fundraiser, you should have exceptional written and verbal skills, plus strong management qualities. In addition, an ideal applicant should function under pressure and possess excellent organizational and presentation skills. Once selected, we will allow 2-4 weeks to gain flexibility in meeting the charity's goals and expectations.

Length of Role: 2-4 weeks

Salary Range: $650/week

We are looking for exceptional Senior Team Managers to lead training events and meet the charity's goals and expectations. You would be accountable for leading high-quality training while ensuring it aligns with our organizational mission and policies. As a thriving Senior Team Manager, your goal is to maximize this organization's efficiency, productivity, and performance by ensuring all operations are running smoothly. We expect our Senior Team Manager to be flexible, proactive and committed to reflective practice. Additionally, they will be accountable for handling logistics for a regular and effective training delivery for each event.

Length of a role: 16 weeks

Salary range: $800/week

We are hunting for an experienced Charity Regional Director with exceptional leadership skills and networking abilities. A Charity Regional Director's job is to communicate with the broader public and internal teams, assign tasks, and draw plans to meet annual targets. To be successful, you should designate your time and energy effectively and inspire those around them. You will also be required to be comfortable researching different sectors. Once hired, this role would involve managing 2-3 events independently. In addition, a great Charity Regional Director should have excellent public speaking skills and deliver presentations to various audiences.

Salary range: $1200-1800/week